Lauren with kitchen aid

Hello and welcome to This Bread Will Rise!

 My name is Lauren and I firmly believe that baked goods make the world a sweeter place. I grew up in Alaska, but my parents were raised in the South, so celebrations always centered around the kitchen. Spending time baking and cooking with my mom and sister was as much a part of the festivity as the event itself. 

Now that I have a family of my own, I was only too excited to begin sharing the joy of baking with my two girls.  Unfortunately, our second daughter, Ellie, struggled immediately after she was born with what seemed to be many food intolerances. Since she was nursing, it required me to take those foods out of my diet.  After several months of creative baking and cooking through many food eliminations, our daughter was diagnosed with FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) as well as a fructose intolerance when she was only 7 months old. I had longed to bake all the family recipes I had savored through the years and had already begun to do so with our oldest daughter, Rosie.  With Ellie, though, I reorganized priorities and began my journey of cooking and baking with substitutions or using minimal ingredients in a myriad of ways. (Read more of Ellie’s journey here.)

‘This Bread will Rise’ is a way for me to celebrate my passion for baking and sharing delicious moments with friends and family using all the butter, flour, and sugar!  Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me for a while to share a melt in your mouth slice of banana bread or maybe a warm cookie fresh from the oven as we contemplate both the sweet and salty of life.

Rosie my helper, and Ellie my adventure.
Speaking of the salty, ‘This Bread Will Rise’ is also a place to acknowledge the challenge that food eliminations and then eventually the FPIES diagnoses brought to our kitchen table and into our lives. I am hoping this blog will be a platform for me to share our story of searching for peace and continuing to bake, even when life has felt more salty than sweet. I’ll bring you as I learn to navigate my way through dietary limits to reclaim joy in our food and traditions as we face my daughter’s FPIES as a family. Did you know you can present butternut squash in over 15 different ways using only the squash and sea salt? Oh yes, it’s true. But that isn’t all of my experience! I also have a lifetime of family recipes that I’m not about to let end with me, and butter at room temperature just begging to be used! I am here to say it is possible to adapt as well as make space to express your baking joy.
And finally, if you yourself are on this rollercoaster of constantly fighting for your child’s health, this blog is here to say ‘I see you, I know it feels impossible and lonely. You aren’t alone.’ Come to my table, bring that cup of tea, and I’ll share with you the sweetness I’ve found in making a place at our table for my oldest, my youngest, AND her FPIES.